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Top long-read picks:
What Will It Take to Run a 2-Hour Marathon? the physiology and psychology of barriers
The Race Against Time: marathon running and how the brain dictates physical limits
Global Impositioning Systems: is GPS technology actually harming our sense of direction?

Top quick-read picks:

Mind Over Matter: keeping a place for thought experiments in an empirical age
Hiking the Australian Desert Near Ayers Rock: what the title says
Stress Tested: do advanced recovery methods blunt the benefits of exercise?

The New Yorker (click here for my latest articles):
"Using math to catch athletes who dope," (August 25, 2015)
"How trees calm us down," (July 23, 2015)
"What to expect from the Large Hadron Collider," (June 17, 2015)
"Is radioactive water worth worrying about?" (April 30, 2015)
"An imperfect dividing line" re. Dutee Chand, (March 27, 2015)
"What is fatigue?" (December 12, 2014)

New York Times (click here for my latest articles):
Sunday Review:
"Finding the Right Balance," (June 6, 2015)
"When Doping Isn't Cheating," (Nov. 29, 2104)
"Road Tripping to Australia's 'Other' Great Reef," with slide show (Apr. 3, 2013)
"Mud, Leeches and Stunning Beauty in Tasmania," (Jan. 25, 2013)
"Skiing to a Remote Retreat in the Canadian Rockies," (Dec. 14, 2012)
"Far, Maybe Too Far, Into the Yukon," (Aug. 23, 2012)
"On Quebec Fur Traders' Trail, With a Paddle," (July 1, 2011)
"Everest without the crowds" with slide show (Apr. 8, 2011) Lowell Thomas Award
"In Papua New Guinea, Trek on a Trail of War" (Oct. 22, 2010)
"In Frodo's Footsteps" (New Zealand; July 29, 2010)
"Hiking the Australian Desert Near Ayers Rock" (Nov. 29, 2009)

Runner's World (click here for the latest Sweat Science blog posts, here for Fast Lane columns, and here for all recent articles):
"What Will It Take to Run a 2-Hour Marathon?" (October 2014) NMA nominee
"How to Build Mental Muscle," (October 2013)

Outside (click here for my latest articles):
"Your Body on Brain Doping," (August 2014)
"Your Daily Multivitamin May Be Hurting You," (November 2013)
"Totally Wired: Using technology to power your fitness," (July 2013)

"Stress Tested," (April 2012)
"Exhaust Yourself," (August 2012)

The Globe and Mail:
Click here for the latest Jockology columns.

The Walrus (click here for my latest articles):
"Call of the Wild," (June 2013)
"The Race against Time: Pushing the limits of brain science could bring Canadian marathoners Olympic glory," (July-August 2012)

"Intelligence Deficit: What will happen when computers become smarter than people?" (April 2011)
"Faster, Higher, Sneakier" (January-February 2010) NMA nominee
"Mind Over Matter" (December 2009)
"Global Impositioning Systems" (November 2009) NMA nominee
"ReCAPTCHA: The job you didn't even know you had" (March 2009)
"Breaking D-Wave" (September 2007) NMA nominee

Canadian Running:
"High Standards" (July/August 2008) NMA winner

Canadian Geographic:
"A Very Big Dig: How a giant hole will help Ontario's shift away from fossil fuels," (April 2012)

Popular Mechanics:
"Is Recycling Worth It?" (December 2008)
"Solar Thermal May Make Sun-Powered Grid a Reality" (November 2008)
"The Next Atomic Age" (October 2006)

The Ottawa Citizen:
"Any Race, Every Weekend" (May 28, 2006) NNA winner